Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The most effective way of learning a language

The most effective way of leaning a language is to speak it and the courage to be embarassed.
Being in London, it's quite difficult to learn Korean. My major classroom is korean series and my weekly 2 hours korean lesson in SOAS. I don't have any real korean friends, those i know are those who appear on my laptop screen, virtual.
One Saturday, while i was working in a high street pharmacy. A lady came in, asking for allergy tablets. She has a friend and they both speak korean. So i practised my broken beginner level korean, basic greetings. That lady is learning english. Like me, she is looking for someone to practice her language.
Both of us excitedly exchanged e-mail address. Boy i am just so glad! I get to improve my spoken Korean. We are meeting this friday, in a korean restaurant.
Looking forward to Friday.

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