Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The moment i miss home KL

Grrr.. stomach calling me, i looked at my watch 12. 30 noon. I have a GP meeting at 2.30pm, time to grab something.

Walked out of the office, cross the road, thinking of what filling i should choose in my baguette. This british run sandwich shop bake their baguettes fresh from oven, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

But, it was closed. Oh yes, forgot they went on holiday.

Where should i do?What should i eat? At that moment, i miss home, selection of char siew noodles, dry, or beef noodles soup, or mixed rice with dishes my choice. I dragged myself to subway, could only afford £2 on a sandwich, as the thought of my £420 loss on my mobile phone bill is enough to keep my lunch budget low.

Bought that sandwich, back to office. No one around, i am the only one in my department. Switched on my computer, biting my sandwich, staring at the computer screen, memories of lunch hour with my ex-colleagues in Kuala lumpur floods my grey matter.

Sad sad sad, biting sandwich , staring at computer screen is an experience of my "britishness".

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