Monday, 13 August 2007

Is this my body?

8 am, alarmed clock woke me up. Opened my eyes, felt my arms and muscles aching. My head feels a tonne.
Too much fun over weekend, not enough sleepy, have to admit that i am no longer 18 or 22.
Told myself i needed to recharge my physical battery on Saturday, but Albert gave in to the temptation of egg tart making session at church, with Jaycee, Mel, Mei yee and Yue siew. More like a social thing, and of course, food and some hands on bakery sessioni is good for physical and mental well being.
Egg tart was alright, prefer the filling than the half-baked flour that surrounds it. Well, we made it too thick, that's well. The fried chicken wings is good too. The chef dipped it in egg white AND MILK. Something new to me. Does the job, crispy, free dinner.
Was tired on Saturday.
Sunday another 15 hours straight of activities. After church service, bible study, after bible study, worship meeting, was half awake during the meeting already.
Irene Lau has kindly invited us to try out our every first experience of Wii. We gave in to temptation.
Had boxing, base ball, tennis and golf and bowling. Too much punching of Albert's face in the boxing ring on the TV screen, woke up with aching arms and waist.
Good exercise for my arm for sure. Exhausted today but had fun.
We can design our own faces and features as icon on Wii. Albert's icon looks like him exactly. Unfortunately, the photo is with Irene Lau, will post it here.

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