Friday, 3 August 2007

Finally, i found something i like

It's not as if i have designer taste or expensive taste, i just find that it takes me a while to find something that i like, and actually  buying it. I am very glad, after many many months of searching for handbag that's user friendly and won't go out of fashion, i bought two yesterday from camden market.
I was such a fool, i didn't bargain much with that guy, as he handmade those bags himself, so i am willing to pay that price.So, I bought two. Each time i look at it, my heart melts.
To console me for being such a fool for not bargaining , albert said i found something i like, i save time walking and shopping around, time itself is a cost too. Alright, nice one, although he said i paid slightly more, as this guy probably got it much cheaper.
Anyway, it's a good day today.
Another thing that happened at work, see i am learning to count my blessing, my manager has approved my application for PRINCE 2 course, which is a 4 days course on project management,organisation paying that £500 fees, hope i got a place. I am happy, at least i've got some recognised written qualification of some transferable skills, something outside drugs.
Good. =)

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