Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Fairweather commitment

Fairweather commitment- reminds me of oxymoron. Committed means committed, how can it be fairweathered?
In spite of the fact that i score 2 on job satisfaction (10 =Very satisfied), i am still committed to my work. I meet deadlines and i am a team player.
This morning, could hardly woke up. So tired. Was contemplating whether to bring my umbrella, but got my answer straight away when i opened the door. Put on my red riding hood coat and my drug company sponsored umbrella. Wind was strong, had to stop few times to keep my umbrella in shape. Being a four-eyed (spectacles) doesn't help in weather like this. Waited for bus for ages, compared to normal days. Lower end of my trousers was wet.
Still i went to work. I did wish i were an IT person, where i can work from home, but still i went to work. I wish i was sick, as in genuinely sick, but still i went to work.
The same way, i hope i stick with my loved ones, family members and friends through thick and thin.
The same way, i hope my commitment to my God is robust, in his silence and in his presence, in my abundance and in my poverty, in blessings and in sufferings.
So having gone through wet trousers in addition to that ardous journey to work, i am pleased to find out that i can get a Lavazza latte for 99p from a pub, instead of £2 from Starbucks. =)
So yes, i have fairweather commitment to Starbucks as i get enticed with cheaper coffee! Me and my philosphy!

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