Friday, 17 August 2007

Certainty in the midst of uncertainties

today, i have been hit by the reality of uncertainties.

Today i am being reminded that the only reality that is secured is God and eternal life. I believe in eternity and that eternity affects my present, my attitudes, my values.

When i was young, i once like a quote that says : " Life is only 10 % of events, the rest of 90% is about how we response to them"

In a way, i feel that events that happen in my life serve as lens for God to see what is in my heart, what are my priorities. Do i solve it with my own finite wisdom, or do i fall down on my knees, seeking God and asking Him what is His say on this.

I want to go through these few short years on earth with God, it's too painful to push my Father aside, only to find out that my Father is at the end of the journey waiting for me with arms opened wide.

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