Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What is Life about?-Quest for meaning-2

So that was Last Friday, a japanese cartoon opened a can of worms on life, pain and suffering.

Saturday morning, i went to work in a local pharmacy. S, the counter assistant worked with me that day.

"So, S, tell me, what is life all about? " i asked

"Life is about a test, God will judge all of us after we die, " S answered

I was taken aback by her response. I didn't expect something like that from her at all. Mainly because a) she is not a christian, b) she is not a religious person

"A test? So you are saying God put us through hard times, suffering and pain to test us? " i asked

"Yeah, He wants to test our patience and perseverence, just like in uni, you want to get good grades, you gotta study hard, " she replied

"How do you know all this? You are the first non-christian whom i met who said this, " i said

"Well, it's common sense isn't it? " she said

"Er, what is common sense to you may not be common sense for others you see.. " i replied.

So pain is good, like Dr. Paul Brand who worked with leprosy patients in India said. Pain prevents us from danger and it signals that something is wrong. Leprotic patients often end up with injury because they do not have the pain sensation.

Or let's talk about training of sports. In Methodist College days, we trained under the hot sun for netball. Those ache, and sweat, hours of training was for our own good. No pain no gain. Something we are familiar with.

Please note i am not promoting a saddist movement here. We don't invite pain and inflict pain on ourselves or on others because "pain is good". But if living in this fallen world means suffering and pain is inevitable, our posture towards it matter, if we believe there is life after death, when there is judgement.

It's hard to swallow, to say that pain and suffering is good for us.It's making us stronger and building our characters. For what? What is the point of having a good character when evil or those who do not follow the rules always get their way?

I was reminded again, that, indeed, only trusting there is a god who will Judge and the life after death make sense to this life on earth. Yes, the evil will flourish and yes they do get their way, but not for long. They may escape the human judge or legal system on earth, but, they won't get away with it when every creature bow down at the God who Judge.

My friend say if God is love, why does he judge and punish people? I watched a movie the other day and saw how this school teacher killed the young boys and girls after they kidnapped him. He got away with it. No one caught him.

Then it make sense to me. I can imagine the parents. They love their children, and because of love, they hunger for justice. How can the man who killed their child not been punished accordingly? What happen to many others who got away on this earth?

Yes because God is love, He judges. He can't beart to see his child suffer at the hends of the evil.

That was part 1 of my saturday

Part 2 - i went to uncle T's house for a committe meeting. He is a follower of Christ and He loves God. He is a father of two, eldest being 15. He is a man of wisdom. I told him what i was going through, me missing home, asking myself what am i doing here in London.

"You are a missionary" He smiled at me and said.

Okay, so i have two answers to my question in a day. The rest is for me to ponder ..

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