Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A trip to Harrods

It's supposed to be summer, despite the rainy season like we're having here in London. Sometimes when it rains heavily, i feel like i am in Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday was surprisingly a good day, no rain, so that's good for our BBQ at Albert's aunt's place. So much food. I learnt the recipe of cooking a tender pork chop without using chemicals. Basically i have to beat the pork chop for a while till it's tender, then marinate it in water, and garlic, plus other flavour and corn flour. Albert love BBQ, he said it reminds him of his man hood. Ha! He used to be a scout and went camping in his youth. Now, he doesn't enjoy the camping bit, but the primitive way of cooking using charcoal and having to fan it appeal to him.

On sunday, after church, we didn't want to waste a nice great weather, so we went for a window shop at Harrods. It's sales now. Guess what? we bumped into one of the HK singer:許志安 in Harrods ground floor. He looked just so normal, i saw him first, then i tapped Albert and Kai, a youth from Sunday school was with her. Obviously, being in UK, surrounded by British, no one knew him. Kai went all crazy over him. He went to basement, so Kai wanted to go too. So in order to satisfy this teenager, we went downstairs. It was huge, we couldn't see him. Just when we were heading upstairs, there he was again. So we saw him for the second time. Woo hoo.. what a co incidence huh? We were too shy to ask for his signature or take a photo with him. Ha...

The rest of the afternoon was walking round, admiring the man made luxury, and validating the madness of human being, £500 over a Chloe handbag which has a real heavy lock on it. It weighs a tonne already without having to put anything in there.

Then food hall of course.

Eventually we only bought what we could afford: 60p spaghetti from Italy, authentic brand. Albert bought 5 boxes and peanut flavoured Lindt chocolate, not available in local supermarkets. Another highlight was the £36/kg of prawns from deep sea madagascar
£20 per kg for cherries and porsh vege

We had a good time,

including spending time with the young people from the church and getting to know her more. Click on the actual photo to go into the actual album. This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

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