Monday, 16 July 2007

Throat sore sore sore

my throat is super sore, i am constantly on a lozenge or pastille to moist my throat. I think i am particularly sensitive to chlorpheninamine (piriton brand name) as i took one before i went to bed, to save myself from blocked nose while i'm sleeping and i woke up feeling very very sleepy. Even now.
I don't know why i am at work, most probably i don't like calling at 9 am and saying i am sick. I get this virus attack at least once a year. This year i got defeated twice so far, and we are only in July.
Saturday night was spent at Tai Yan's place, at his lovely rented flat at broadwick street, right in the heart of Soho of London. Spicy sambal with nasi lemak from an Indonesian uncle. Ee vonne was there with her boyfriend. Good to have a chat. We had a great bottle of red wine, bought by Albert. It was gone so soon! Gerald said he brought jokes to the party, so he doesn't have to pay for the nasi lemak. Yeah of his jokes was so classic.. the all time "favourite.." "do you have a raisin? How about a date..." although it's classic, all of us were laughing as it's been such a long long time since we heard such classic jokes..
Albert taught on Sunday, to the youth, the topic was why and how we should read the bible. Albert decided to have a bible quiz instead. They all enjoyed it...questions like how many authors in the bible, there's this question whether hezekiah is in old testament or new, one of the youth said : this sounds old, so it's definitely in old testament.. Did jesus feed 4000 or 5000 with 5 loaves or 2 fishes... this was a very tricky one.. the answer was both, on separate occasions. :P
I spent the rest of the day sleeping as i was just so tired and weak.. slept till this morning still, feeling sleepy and bored at work.
ARGH.. i am so fed up with my career- if i do have one that is... maybe i should just give up and take some maternity leave!
feeling: fed up and bored and sleepy... !


  1. Maternity leave??? Any news comming up??

  2. i have the same question!! maternity leave? woman, don't hint! just tell us! :)


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