Friday, 13 July 2007

Talk about why we need honesty and integrity

I have been thinking these few days on character building. We always see be good, be nice, be loving.. for what? Oh oh.. for character building... to what end? So we say to ourselves it's for character building for the sake of character building? Following the general thread for people who doesn't believe in life after death, what is the gain? For humanity as a whole? Who cares?
Well, fortunately, i have chosen to follow to trust that there is life after death and there is a Judge. So what we do here on earth do matter , because what we do here affect eternity. And because i believe there is judgement and life after death, it affects how i live now.
I read this article this morning. When i read the consequences of one behaviour, then it came to me that it's not true to say that it's my life, i can do whatever we want. The examply my friend use is this: if someone from the upper stream of the river spill mercury into the river, those on the lower stream of the river will be affected, the fish, the environment, the food chain, our lives. So, we do become victim of the consequences of others. However, sadly to admit, a lot of people have been deceived into thinking they can really do what they want in life, and the selfishness and the self-centredness is evident. And of course, needless to say, they only live for the here and now, disregarding the possibility of  eternity or life after death.Another classic example of how our worldview affect our behaviour and attitude.

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