Thursday, 26 July 2007

Sunday Malaysian countrymen

Last Sunday, i met 3 malaysians , all from KL in church. Terence, Jaycee and Esther. It was their first time visintg SOC, where my church is. We went out for lunch together, then i finally managed to tempt them to my place.
Esther doesn't know how to play mah jung. So we taught her. She is smart, she managed to win once. I am happy too, after the practising, i got better. Needless to say, terence played since high school, he was the pro. Albert was the advisor of Esther.
We had fun, we chat, talked about Malaysia, food, life in London, and jokes. It was a good tool to build a bridge for friends. Somehow all of us are from KL, so we connect easily.
Dinner, i brought them to this super good Vietnamese restaurant in Camden, Tham Binh. The beef noodles was superb, along with is spicy seafood noodles, and famous spring roll. If you are in London, it's worth your trip. Price are reasonable too.
Had a good Sunday. All of us have another thing in common: Sunday depression.. ha the thought of having to work the next day doesn't lift us up very much too..
And of course, Esther accepted christ in church that sunday.


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