Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sunday School Sports Day

We had a sports day for the Sunday School young people. Due to the weather, we had an indoor sports day, at the church basement. It was manic! We all had fun. It was hilarous. Initially i wanted to join in, but i gave up in my first attempt. Too embarrased. The first game was to have a plastic ball in between your knees and hop till the other end, and place the place into the bucket, without using your hand. Just my first hop and i could feel the ball falling away, then i turned around and gave it to Alex, who is brilliant. He was really good and quick.

The funniest part was when they had to use the feeble straw to pass a ring-like biscuit. Jason went so low! As in the second photo, he was below the chair. That was an interesting sight! Quite impossible really, as the biscuit is too heavy. So, albert quickly grabbed some colours paper and cut a hole in the middle and replace the biscuit. That was easier for them.

The other favourite of mine was passing hula hoops from one to the other using their body. So all of them queue up in a line, holding hands and they passed the hula hoops from one to the other.They all look like dancers.
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