Monday, 30 July 2007

Weekend :shop, eat, chat, fun -Part 1

Signs of youth: Late nights, yet able to wake up to work the next day!
Great weather past weekend, Summer is finally here! Would be a waste staying at home, although was tempted to take my afternoon nap on Saturday. Took albert's advice, called JC, kind enough to keep me company for the afternoon. Went to covent garden, spent 2 hours just in a shop, EAST, just looking at necklaces and earings. Yes, in the end, i bought 10 items altogether. Yes, i am addicted over those girly stuff.
Had italian gelati and met up with Mdm See. She too bought some for her daugther as she will be returning to JB next Saturday. I got to know her from church. She came here few months ago to take care of her daugther-in-law after labour. We were the first people who saw the baby, fresh from mummy's stomach. Her son is a chef in a well-known restaurant, Hakkasan.
At night, Albert and I tagged along with JC to meet other Malaysians in victoria. The night was spent chatting and laughing at jokes, and some serious talk about situation in Malaysia. Glad that i get to know other Malaysians, non christians. I find my Oriental friends in London are mainly christians from church. Good, a bridge has been built. Had a good time. Reached home past midnight.

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