Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thirteen things about my job

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. politically linked with Department of Health
   -- we share the same priority with Doh, and we only have limited pot of money to meet the inifnite health needs of local population, so we only do things that help to save money, savings savings savings. No money, forget about new services.
2) we incentivised the GPs for quality and cost-effective prescribing
  -- meaning we reward them financially for prescribing appropriately and prescribing medication that is of equivalent efficacy but cheaper.In other words, we pay them so thay they can do their job better.
3) i chase up audits from GPs and pharmacists, i set the GP's prescribing budget , i write newsletter for the GP because they don't have time to read about prescribing and get updated
4) i am the lead by name only, meaning i do the donkey admin staff and my colleague leads and  the voice in front of service directors
5) i share some some common  responsibilities as my colleagues, but not the pay, i am at the lowest pay scale compared to them. Oh there is hope for me, did i mention i am the youngest too? 
6) i am too smart for my job, hence explain my boredom
7) i am not challenged and i am being de-skilled, instead of being developed
8) i feel guilty that my parents spent so much money to send me to university to do what i am doing now
9) I definitely do NOT wake up to this job
10) i feel i am wasting my life away when i am not putting my skills into good use
11) i feel i am a singer who has no voice, a dancer who can't dance, a chef that can't cook
12) i haven't really been alive in my career, i am looking for life somewhere, non-NHS job sounds interesting, wanna work in a private sector, instead of public. Need i say more about public sector?
13) the kinda job that makes me want to quit immediately and raise a child instead, for challenge sake, but i think moving job is definitely easier than raising a child! Yes i am actively seeking for jobs, maybe PR sounds good, bringing client for lunch and company pay the bills... that is a possibility..medical sales rep? no... not used to begging people to see me when have nothing new to tell them. I have checked out other sector. Unfortunately, with horizontal move, one has to be quite experienced in its field. So i need to go for pay cut if i am going for different field. Argh.. i am stucked. Heard of career constipation? I made up the word.. for stuckness in career..OKay.. you don't find it funny, told you sense of humour is very personal

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