Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Our small team meeting

We had our small team meeting, without the manager to discuss about our two weekly workload.
 Deputy colleague nicely explicitly hinted that we have a slim chance  to making our case in our job description, because our job description said support community pharmacy work. Hers was reviewed and consulted because the word "lead" wasn't in hers. She said our manager consulted her in the process. But our manager didn't involve all of us in the consultation because obviously, the work has been cascaded and shared among all of us. Of course i didn't say that. She apologised for making us work hard on community pharmacy for the past one year, which is not a typical portrait of her. This kinda statement usually come from manager, which confuses me more, because she doesn't manage any of us, plus, that further consolidate the fact that, we are doing more than supporting. We did lead on projects in community pharmacy. Half my time at work is on community pharmact, is that support?GRRr.. enough times you have heard from me. Geram
Guess what i said? " That's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion"
After the meeting, my colleague said i was very brave to make that statement.
Towards the end of the day, at 535 pm, my manager came round to my desk and asked me to draft a letter on the new anti-smoking drug called varenicline. He gave me a whole stack of papers written by other PCT. I told him that this involve a bigger issue than just writing a letter that says that GPs can prescribe varenicline, because patients have to be monitored and attend sessions with smoking advisors for support, if not, the money spend on tablets will not yield tha quit smoking result. After i have said all that, you know what he said ?
"That's great irene, can you write all of them in a letter, then we can discuss on Thursday based on the draft, "
" Yeah, that's fine, i have 24 hours to turn this around. "
Yes, nice one. HA ha..

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