Tuesday, 17 July 2007

New Eyes, New skin for my blog

Yeah yeah, i am so glad, finally i have something that is like sketches.. something more real. The artist for the above cartoon is a boy from my Sunday School, Alex Lac. I like his drawing so i asked him to draw one for me, on anything he wishes.
Do you like my new header? I do ! Ha


  1. Cool hats for your blog!! And it photograph your daily life oh.
    I like it.

  2. Shyan Yih3:54 am

    That kid has talent u know. He should be encouraged to expand his skills in art. Definitely. And when he becomes famous one day, you can say that he made potraits of comic form that is ;) But hey, realy potrait or not, doesn't matter. He managed to capture you in the moment with his art. Tell him I said that he is really good with his drawings :)


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