Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I did it

Yue Siew walks to work everyday, 3 hours per day.
I left the office with 2 other colleagues and we talked about exercise. One of them run and joined the London marathon, the other has an expensive coach at her exclusive gym.
"That explain why i always catch a cold and am so sick. I don't need to exercise, i just need to walk home" I said.
Fine weather, and i need to quiet my heart with frustration from work.
So i walked. I walked for 2 hours in total, with 30 minutes walking in and out of shop to window shop on shoes and clothes that i can't afford along Upper Street, Angel.
Yes, finally, 2 hours later i reached home.
Today, i am dead tired and i am super super weak.
Okay, i have overdone it, although i don't feel like i have, my body obviously is protesting.

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