Friday, 13 July 2007

Fall detector-Telecare -Pharmacist Corner

I attended a meeting the other day on commissioning intention, discussion on the strategy of PCT in delivery and promoting quality of health care to our Islington population.
As realistic as it is, we can have grand ideas of how we can deliver the service better, but we only have one pot of money, and it's all about priority, and, of course, the national agenda. That's the cruel bit. We want to do much for patients, and empowering them to self-care, yet , we need people to do it, as GPs are, as usual, too busy. So man power need money.
One new thing i learnt is about this cool fall detector for elderly who is living in their home alone.
It's a gadget that can be worn by patients on a belt clip or wrist It's a two-stage sensing process to identify a fall. So, the detector senses the impact and the angle and will emit buzzing noise to alert user that it's about to raise the alarm call if it's not in vertical position.

In the event of fall, it sends wireless signal to their so call In-Touch 9000 Console which is installed in their home. Then this console gadget will contact the Monitoring Center.
There will be operators at the monitoring center which will speak to the client at home, to ask what help is needed. If there's no respond, they will send help to the home.
Cool isn't it? Now i don't have to worry about falling and not able to call 999 when i'm alone in the house when albert goes to heaven before me.

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  1. Telecare is such an exciting field to look into. It does a lot to help people see that the elderly are not disabled just because they sometimes need help.


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