Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Do not be alarmed

aiya.. i am not pregnant la.. don't worry, when i am, i'll write an entry in here ... i prefer a son than a daughter really.. to be honest... ha of course, i don't deny that i do need to look into it more seriously, biological clock ticking

Last Saturday, all of us from high school, sat round the table.. chatting and joking.. and i can't believe we are all approaching 30. Most of us are still honky dory...planning to study another MSc.. or leaving London, exploring other places... it still hasn't sunk in .. that we are grown up... We are no longer 18, or 22... That's the feeling with school friends.. every time we are together, it always feel like we were still in school days, ya da ya da... feels like the time has stopped...

Guess that's the beauty of hanging around with school friends... which i have always enjoyed =))

Better today, less drowsy, as i didn't take any piriton last night.Albert and I have been playing mah jung for 2-3 rounds after meal, just to relax and chat. We chat about our day, our work etc.. while playing mah jung. I don't know it's luck or what, Albert ALWAYS win. He even managed to arrange "Thirteen " the special combination which is harder to put together as shown in photo.Albert insisted that we take a photo of his beautiful cards,
Mine is not bad too,
somehow, he is always quicker than me by one step. Why why why? Not promoting mah jung or anything,it's just a game for us and a tool to relax and chat.

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  1. hey, seems u all having fun there. How's ee vonne coping over there? Miss 3 of u so much....anyone coming back this year?


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