Thursday, 5 July 2007

Catching up with secondary school friends

Ai wei is in town. She is here for some gynae training day. So, me, ai wei and Yue siew met up at Nahar Restaurant, a place that serves very authentic Malaysian food.The location was quite discreet. When i walked towards the end of Spring Street in Paddington, saw Ask Pizza, then two pillars with MARA written on it. Tried to open the door, but locked. Then saw the menu on the wall, next to it, there's stairs that lead to basement. Ai wei was on her ardous journey from Custom House, Excel. I told her it's a bit run down, not really a restaurant, more like mamak store, so probably the food will be good.

Food was not bad, we had oxtail soup, won't recommend it to you, too much cardamom in it, then we had Ayam merah, not bad, Sambal Squid was good and Rendang beef, not good, meat was too try and the taste is sub-optimal.

Yue siew arrived later. She is so sweet. She gave me a gift for my 1st wedding anniversary. Ta da...

aw.. i am so touched! seriously... She warms my heart,(as usual). She did the cross stitch and had it framed at Clapham. I loved it! Thank God for such loving and thoughtful friend!

The rest of the night was chatting, talking about life, water birth and poo, woman's hormone, men, updating each other on who is doing what, jobs, me moaning about UK, and missing family in Msia.. them trying to diagnose my problematic brain and heart...

It was fun. It's good to have a sounding board. It was a great night of catching up and talking about life..I enjoyed it very much!=)
*Pst* I'm clearly a Extrovert.

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