Friday, 13 July 2007

Runny Nose Remedy-Pharmacist corner

My nose is running, must be the bug spread by Yue siew from our telephone conversation =P

So what medication should you take for symptom relief? Those magic tablet that will dry your mucus straight away?

Anti-histamines.. yes the same family of tablets that you take for allergy and hay fever.

The members in this family have two categories: those that make you drowsy, and those that don't . In terms of efficacy, it's the same.

Drowsy ones: Real name of tablet:

1)chlorpheninamine, brand name is Piriton, come in syrup too for babies and young children (mummy, take note)

2) Promethazine, brand name : Phenergan, also come in liquid form, yes, the same medication you take for motion sickness

Non-drowsy ones: All same efficacy:

1) Cetirizine, brand name: Zirtek

2) Loratadine, brand name: Clarityn

How it works:

As it name suggest, it blocks the action of histamine. Histamine, when being released, will cause the blood vessel to widen,increasing permeability.This allows fluid and cells to leak from bloodstream and migrate to the site.This explains swelling after insect bites,redness and itching,runny nose and blocked nose.

So when you have runny nose, or cough due to phlegm, make trip to pharmacy and get these tablet that dry your secretion.

If you have blocked nose, you need decongestant( (*duh*), yeah and the ingredient that does the job is :


It works by causing narrowing of the blood vessels of swollen nasal mucous membranes to reduce nasal congestion and allow drainage of sinus passages.

If you have runny nose but it's not blocked, anti-histamine will do.

If your nose is congested, go for pseudoephredine.

Please note that these tablets are merely for symptom relief. It doesn't cure you. We very much rely on our body to recover, mainly by more rest, more fluid, and of course, emotional well being.

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