Friday, 27 July 2007

Another "bwai-bwai"

This week has been an eventful week, and quite stressful for me emotionally as well. Blame the hormones.

Mei ling, my ex-colleague, is leaving UK, back to New Zealand for good. Her dad is a Malaysian and her mum new zealander. She loves food, just like me, and we both agree that Malaysia has the best food in the world.

She is nice , with a great sense of humour. She remembers my trademark: "Aiya"(a Malaysian slang that is unheard of ). I said that when we were both working in the dispensary, counting and checking tablets.

I was sad. I teared when we bid farewell to each other. Tearing more for myself, that i have to put another comma to another friendship.I have bid too many farewells of the years i am in London.Some hit harder than the other. Another gone. Another leaving London and me.

I hope someday we get to meet again, heaven, if not here.

Bye Mei.. i will miss you. PLease keep in touch. *Sobsob*

Pharmacists family portrait :Mei ling, Nandi,myself, Bernadine (the brave and smart one who is doing medicine year 2, got highest score in exam),EJ (ex dispensary manager) and Niina, @china town London

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