Friday, 20 July 2007

All in a Day

11am: Had a chat with a manager in another department, on the same floor, seeking advice from him from a friend's perspective in regards to my job. Gave me some tips on career direction. He told me his wife experienced the same kinda of "ceiling" effect in her career and decided to become a home maker till now. He said it has to be for the right reason for raising a child. He said health care in primary care is evolving. Exciting journey.
1pm: Had lunch with a pharmacy owner near Angel. Chat about pharmacy business. He too, encouraged me to take some risk in buying some pharmacy and developing it. He complimented that my intelligence should be better utilised elsewhere, and not in NHS. Healthcare system in UK is evolving. It's not so much about earning lots of money, but a satisfaction that we have contributed and learning and developing ourselves.
2pm: Received a call from Ee vonne who introduced me to a recruitment agent, R, who asked me to send my CV to him and he will try to match what i am looking for.
330 pm: Went to visit a GP under my responsibility.Clarify the right number of patients for audit search criteria.
Maybe i should go for horizontal move in another NHS organisation. I will still be trapped in the same old saga. Maybe it's really time to move out of NHS and explore. I think this job doesn't suit my  personality. I am not those kind that can sit in the office and write guidelines and proposal. The only part that i enjoy in my job is chatting with GPs, pharmacists and seeing patient. People person. I need to be in a job that deals with real people with real problems. Sitting on ivory tower doesn't suit me much.
Maybe sales? Groom my influencing and negotiation skills?I wonder how different it is if i were to own a pharmacy...
Well at least i still have the fire to explore and look for job satisfaction.
Oh Lord, where is my place? A place where i get satisfaction in what i do for the 1/3 of my life, where i felt that i have contributed and help others with my skills and knowledge. Please bring me to it.

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  1. Just put phone down. Well down, Irene. You should be someone who can encourage people to read Bible and be closer to God.Try it harder, you're a good one.


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