Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Adrenaline Rush for potential loss of £140

Finally, managed to sleep around half ten and wake up early. Managed to leave the temptation of bed at 745 am this morning. Even had solitude with God this morning.
about to leave house at 845 am, when an envelope caught my eye. It's from my mobile phone contract company. I have submitted my cashback claim but had an inkling that there's some problem to my £140 cash back claim. Opened the envelope, my inkling was right. They can't process my claim due to incomplete details. " Where a valid claim has not been received will not be entitled to any part of the Cash back offered. Cash back files are closed and cannot be reopened in these cases"
"A nominal £10 adminstration fee will be deducted to cover the staff costs associated with this failed claim"...
What? You are not giving me cash back becoz i didn't submit the 2nd page of my May phone bill and now you want to charge me for £10 staff cost? Anger...Panic. £140 is a lot of money.Rushed to my study room, flipped through all stacks of papers, check folders, look through all my mobile phone bills, couldn't find the incomplete part.
late for work. Left the house at 910 am. Worried. At the bus stop, prayed, very uneasy deep down.Know myself too well, i will be thinking about this the whole day, until i can find part 2 of the May bill which i should have sent. I planned to write a letter and appeal, go to their website, read their terms and conditions carefully and argue my case. Tempted to call office and said i had some emergency to sort out at home and will arrive late. I didn't do that.
took the letter out again and reread. I missed something, it says, please return the correct information before 09 July 2007, or the claim will be deemed void. Okay, so, i was too engrossed with part 1 that i missed the print that i am given a chance to redeem my negligence.
Bus came, call T mobile, asked them to send my May bill again, just in case i can't find it in my room. Relieved. It's next day delivery, if not 3 working days. Prayed hard.
Asked myself why i am so anxious about this whole saga. Was it money? Or something else? Money yes, but it;s justice. Imagine if they didn't write the part 2, and just told me file closed, can't claim back my money. Isn't that a rip off? Don't people like me deserve a second chance, my experience with another company taught me first page of the bill was sufficient, not including the 2nd page, as required by this company. Plus £10 to cover administration cost? Where is the justice of this?
That's my morning.

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