Tuesday, 26 June 2007

When i am uncertain

Most of us have played the blind folding game before. I remembered when i was in my teens, i was in Rangers and there was this year where we went camping in the jungle. At night, we have this game where i was blind folded and brought to a place and sat there alone in the dark in the jungle. When i was blind folded i held the hand tight in my grip. I was scared as i couldn't see and had no clue where i was. I was so relieved when it was all over in the end. I could only remember i had this experience but i couldn't recall why we were asked to do that.

We all lived in the illusion that everything stays the same forever , or we would like to think this way. That's why we are shocked or we can't come to term with changes and uncertainties.

Job is a major element. We spent at least 1/3 of our lives at work. I have met graduates who felt depress or disappointed when they couldn't secure a job. They inevitably felt they were not good enough , and lost their confidence. Those of us who are in a job took for granted that redundancy will only happen to someone else and not me, as i am not that bad. We all would like to think we are secured, in our job, with secured income and ah ha.. the most important thing money.

It's an illusion to think that stability is a constant in our lives. One day, when we least expect, it will strike. How do we response to it? Do we immediately find ourselves in the pit of valley? Lost our confidence, lost our identity and purpose? As if our purpose is closely pinned to our job ? As if we are defined by our career? All our years of study, was it not because of a secured career? It's probably true if you are a chinese. This anchoring of our security on career and money is dangerous. Because, these anchors are volatile.

I want to be prepared, i want to have the right posture when i am in uncertainties.When i am being stripped of my job, or my comfort, i want to trust that God's hand is leading me. When i am can't see the future, when i am being blind folded, i want to rely on the hand that creates me, the hand that loves me is the same hand that leads me in the darkness, the same hand that leads me

to a place of stillness and rest
to a place where i truly belong,
a place where i will never be condemned,
a place where i don't have to strive to be good enough,
a place where i am loved, just the way i am,
a place of complete acceptance.

As the lyrics of my fav song goes:
There's a place that i know
where i need more often to go
A place of amazing comfort and rest
where a smile is never rare
and Your love( God through Christ revealed His love) is as free as the air
and i lack for nothing
when i see the love in Your eyes
and know that it's all for me

I fear nothing at all
when i'm safe in the
arms of My Father
and if ever i fall
i take comfort in knowing
that YOu are There

The joy of being blind folded is the comfort of the reliable Hand that leads me to Your presence.

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