Friday, 1 June 2007

What really matters to you

I sometimes ask my friends what really matters to them , but it takes them a while to reply. Someone once quoted that "The world does not need so much to learn new things, but to be reminded". Well, in this context, this statement is true. Today, I have this thought that what really matters to you= what or with whom you spend most of your time on. I am sure you know this, told you, i am just reminding you.

So the equation looks like this: the more you spend your time, the more important that "thing" or person is to you.

Unfortunately, it's not always the case. More often, we spend a lot of our time on something or with people, who does not matter a lot to us.

Check check : how do we spend our time? What do we do with the time? Do we spend time with people who really matter to us? Do we spend time on matter that matters

These few days, I have to confess, I spend considerable amount of time on this blog. Deciding whether I should have table or not, whether I should have border, upgrading my template(finally) , still thinking whether I have made the right choice, whether i should stratigy my life into categories. Finally, after all those hours, I have come to a conclusion that it should be functional and easy to maintain, simple and easy to read. I envy other's blog, so nicely done, so creative.

But, a second thought on what really matters to me, I realised that it's my thoughts and views being voiced out here. Yes, the voice, not so much of my colour nor the border.

Also, I have also reminded myself to buy things that are functional,t hings i really need, instead of want, and, of course, spend my time on things or people or GOD who really matters. My friend once said, instead of spending £1000 on a LV wallet, you might as well place that £1000 note into your existing wallet. So instead of spending my time complicating this blog, I should voice out my thoughts.

I should also spend my time reflecting what really matters to me before i waste my life away.

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