Saturday, 9 June 2007

Homeless books found their home

In the Beginning, there were books.....

After 6 months since the arrival of the books, we finally got a proper home for them. I have counted them, my pastor friend, or Vikipedia as i called him, loaned us his collection which come up to 400 over books. This is what it used to look like, sitting on the floor, homeless
and NOW...*drum roll*

Okay okay.. that;s not a propert one,more like an artistic view of the lovely books.. aah.. how i love them

The proper classic look is this
Those all combination of my books and my friend's, well those 3 white bookcase are all the hardwork of Albert.. which we bought from Ikea.. and of course, it's not enough to provide the roof for all these books, so my books have been upgraded from trolley to proper home, and some of my friend's books live on the trolley. This trolley is Albert's and it reminds me so much of Library!

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