Thursday, 7 June 2007

The inquisitive mind

Since I last wrote about not spending time on the layout and template , I couldn’t help to think again, should I have borders, should I change my header, should I add more links, should I have a background image instead? Okay I lied, I spent quite a bit time exploring. Actually, I just like to experiment and learning html code. I always change something, which I am not quite sure about, then I preview it, and then I learn. I like it that way. Each time i ask some question on html, what happen if i do this, how do i change this, and i read about it, and apply the theory to practice and experiment on it.

When I was a pharmacist in the hospital, I was in medicine information rotation. My senior pharmacist said I am suitable for the job because I have inquisitive mind. I like asking questions and I feel satisfied for the quest of answers.

I ask a lot of questions about my faith and Christianity too. I have doubt, good doubt. Doubt that consolidate what I believe and deepen my faith. Someone once said, , there is no answers to every questions, and part of living in this fallen world is living with the questions. Yet, that does not imply we should stop asking questions.

The worst scenario is not asking questions, of just merely going through the motion, of merely existing, and living life like a hamster.Questions are good, we question who we are, we question who our spouse are, and the hows. How do we love our neighbours, how do we overcome our fears and insecurities… etc

To be inquisitive is the beginning of a search, a search for belonging and a search for eternal love which is the God who love me,my home where I truly belong and being the object of love that last for eternity.

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