Thursday, 7 June 2007

Mahjong lesson

One of the item that we bought all the way from Hong Kong was a modernised mahjong table. It's made from a light weight material with borders, for the ease of arranging your own "cards". It was quite bulky and took a bit of effort fitting that piece into our luggage.

We were glad that our mission was accomplished.

As i mentioned earlier, London has a high turnover of people( this reminds me of apple turnover ha! i must be hungry) One minute they are here, the next, they leave. In these recent few months, i have been hanging out with Julia, and Mdm S. Julia has moved to coventry this week, which is quite sad. Mdm S is just stopping by in London from Johor as her daughter-in-law gave birth to a handsome baby boy last month. She will be leaving in September. Albert and I have been hosting them, showing them London and driving from one place to the other in search of good tasty food. In fact, we have this "Albert & Irene" London gourmet database", of where to go and what to order.


So last Saturday, we had a farewell for Julia. She had never tasted Bak kut Teh before, so we invited her and Mdm S over to our house for dinner. I cooked BKT from a reliable packet bought by my Mum. Highly recommended, truly authentic.I will reveal it later, when i get hold of the photo. After dinner, we had some exercise for our fingers. Yes Mahjung. We used our treasured light weight mahjung table. Albert then gave lesson for all 3 of us on mahjung.We had a good time, no money just played it as a game. Some people do not like the idea of playing mahjung. For me, it's a tool to chat and build friendship. We played 4 rounds, with Julia, being amateur ,winning 2 rounds. It was fun. We had a good time.We now have shared history of our times in London. Well Mahjung is good for elderly as well.. so they say.

Mahjung is closely related with Hong Kong culture. Housewives play mahjung while they chat and gossip. Men too. Everything is good in moderation. Only when we indulge in it and become addicted to it, then it becomes harmful. Same theory applies to money and the greed of money.

We had only played it once so far in our house, wonder when is the next, probably when we need to break the ice with friends.

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  1. Oh...I envy your dinner+mah jong night. I like playing mah jong oh.


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