Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Ikea and DIY

So after our trip to Ikea, Albert and I decided to find a house for more than 200 over bible commentaries in addition to spiritual and theological books. So we bought 3 billy bookcase instead of 5 from Ikea, after confirmation from my friend that he will take some of the commentaries gradually to his place when he start his theological PHD in Durham University. We also bought 2 wardrobe with mirrors in view that I have invaded Albert’s wardrobe since we got married. I find mirrors are expensive in UK. Well, that explains why we ended up with a functional £20 mirror on the ground floor corridor, instead of a full width mirror that covers the wall, which meant to give the illusion that the corridor is more spacious.*Sigh* Just can’t work out how is it that the full width mirror is the same price as a 2 meter high wardrobe. Irony irony….

Coming back to my story, I waited for Ikea delivery last Saturday. In the afternoon, albert came back from work, and he took a nap. Those brown boxes looked very tempting. So I opened the packaging of the billy bookcase, and started my own DIY, in Albert absence. When I was about to finish the whole process, I realised that I have placed the shelf insert inside out, which shows the raw ugly brown wood, instead of the nicely painted one facing outward. Poor Albert had to remove all the nails, and then change the shelf insert. Frustration.

Human beings. It’s always so much harder to undo the wrongs. Words that hurt others come out from our mouth without thinking, yet, we have to hesitate to apologize. Angry words are so easily spoken, yet to heal from the hurt takes so much longer. To hurt other takes seconds, to heal, sometimes , take months or years.

Human beings. The black dot on a plain white sheet of paper is always more obvious than the white background. One black dot just ruin the purity of the paper.

We always tend to focus on the black than the white. We are so quick to point out the faults and imperfection in others, than to praise others for their kindness, goodness, effort, and gesture of love. We see the black but we ignore the white, although, proportionally speaking, we see more white than black on that paper.

Okay I have digressed, I talk about life and human beings from DIY Ikea. So coming back to my story again, last night, we continued our part 2. This time we attempt to fix the wardrobe. Super hard work. I was living out the “no pain no gain” slogan. All the carrying, nailing and drilling. Still we couldn’t finish. It was approaching midnight and it would be inconsiderate to drill a hole on the wall. Neighbour may hear us. Tonight we will continue.

Now when I look at this particular wardrobe , I will remember all the sweat and time that we have laboured and the lesson on embracing and loving someone who is “weaker” by being patient to them . In this case, I am the weaker one as I am not very familiar with DIY stuff and physically weaker. Thank God, Albert has been patient with me, when I make the matter worst with my inexperience. Oh well, now I can say I know a little bit more about DIY, through the mistakes and experience, although I don’t deny that mistakes are evitable, but when it’s done, I can still learn from it. Yes, I am a follower of Christ, a follower of win-win.

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