Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday Reflection-Growing Old and Depression

Where i work, there is a team of community nurses. They support GP in specific areas clinically, some of them are even independent prescribers, where they can prescribe medication within their speciality. I lead on Diabetes clinically, which means i am involved in projects or prescribing issues that revolve around diabetes. In a way, i work with the diabetes community nurse.

So few days ago, one of our diabetes nurse needed to see a chinese patient who does not understand english fully. So my colleague asked me to be her translator.So we went to her house and have a clinical assessment with her. She is 72 and her husband is 85 years old. Her husband takes care of her. He is very fit and healthy. You wouldn't believe he is 85 if you meet him.This is my second time being a translator for the same patient.

Somewhere along our conversation, she said that she is fed up and unhappy. She has nothing to look forward to, she has been a diabetic for the past 20 years. Nothing thrills her. No joy. All she does is sit on her chair, watch the tv, had meals and nap during the day. Her eyes are not very good, so she doesn't read. She complained that she can't sleep at night.

I asked about her friends that she can hang around with. She said she doesn't have many. Even if she's been invited, she is not mobile, she get breathless easily and has backache. Travelling with cab cost about 10 pounds one way which is a luxury they can't afford.

I told her she has a lovely and caring husband. They have each other as companion, that is a great blessing already. She doesn't appear happy.

I ended the session by offering to visit her with my husband and we will bring Majung with us. Then we can play, without money. Her face lit up. A smile, and lots of thank yous. She needs friends and i am happy to offer her my friendship and time. I told Albert about her and he too is pleased with the suggestion. We prayer for her on that night.

Another day, i met a pharmacy owner in his mid 60s, planning to retire. He wanted to sell his business but he refused the transaction last minute. Reason? He wasn't sure what he is going to do with the 24 hours he had.

Life. Getting Old, retiring..... People become miserable and empty as they grow old. When they reach that part of journey, they say they have nothing to look forward to. Different people end the journey on earth differently.

A contrast is this man who follow Christ even to his 70s painted a total picture to me.
How can the quality of life be so different? For obvious reason, at this stage of life, external possession does not give one hope or joy.His face glows with joy, full of hope and not afraid to die. He has hope, he looks forward to the future, where he can finally meet the Creator face to face.

It's the heart that i am talking about.The joy and the hope of your being, at that stage of the journey.What it is? Where it is?

I do wonder sometimes whether Jesus and christianity is the truth. Could it be all made up? But when i look around me, when i observe the quality of life of different people who embrace different hope and faith, i am reassured.Their life and their being paint the true picture to me.It's not made up,the content and the words in the Bible are truth, the way. Someone who doesn't embrace this eternal relationship with the Creator feel their life is but a breath.

We were born, grow up, grow old, become sick and die.

What's the point? Good people die young or bullied, bad people survived and are rich. What's the point?

Reflecting on purpose, content , direction, hope of life....The outcome and how we end this journey depends on The choice we make. Rejecting to belong or ....

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  1. Shyan Yih9:17 am

    I can see God working in your life by placing you in UK. To reach out to Asians who do not know the Lord. :)


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