Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Budapest 2 days 1 night trip

We had a crazy mad weekend, it's like a marathon. Maybe it's a healthy sign that we are still young and capable of doing such thing. Trust me, in spite of this proof of our vitality, it's not good.

We somehow ended up with a flight from easyjet which depart from from London Luton airport at 6 am on 14th June, Thursday. Now, let's start my story round the clock.

13/6 Wed 7pm : drove to Terry and Sammie's place straight afterwork. This is a farewell dinner for both of them as they are leaving London to HK to settle. It was planned a while ago, although it seems unwise to do this instead of getting as much sleep as possible for the early morning travel. We had fun and we left terry's place at 12 midnight.

1am: Arrived home, started packing for Budapest. I made a bad bad decision: i suggested arriving early at Luton airport and get some sleep there when Albert suggested having one hour nap before we head off. Oops, poor Albert! Sorry, that wasn't intentional. We slept over at Hong Kong airport peacefully, so i assumed Luton experience would be similar.

3am: Arrive Luton airport. Albert drove, hungry and tired while i slept in the car. The journey was too short for me to catch up on my sleep. Entered the main door and the first thing i saw was people sleeping on the very floor with their sleeping bag. I regretted immediately. Grabbed some food from Marks and Spencer and tried very hard to sleep on the chair. The arms of the chair was fixed, so we couldn't lie down like in Hong Kong. Such a shame! We just couldn't sleep.

4am: We checked in. With this new rule , we have to pack the liquid in clear plastic bag. I, too, assumed plastic bag would be provided in Luton, just like Hong Kong Airport and Heathrow. Alas! How wrong i was. We had to buy it., £ 1 for 4 plastic from a machine. We put in £1 but nothing came out. Silly! The next 10 minutes, we stood there, waiting for the staff to come to us, while we warn others not to use that machine. *Geram*

10am: Arrived Budapest. The rest of the day was hanging around at Lake Balaton, an hour and a half hour from Budapest.
9pm: Had a very good dinner at a place called Cafe Kor, walking distance from our hotel. Albert had roast goose liver, super yummy and i had traditional Hungarian beef goulash. Dessert was great too: chestnut puree in rum. I never thought places outside Hong Kong can make better chesnut dessert.Much better! Always thought chest nut is something chinese put in the glutinouns rice and that's it. Until i tasted chestnut cake from HK. Now hungarian style. Yummy.
We returned to London and than arrived home at midnight and i slept around 1.30am. Albert slept around 4.30am went to work the next morning while i recuperate.
Saturday afternoon was BBQ at uncle Tony's place. If it's not for the weather, i thought i was in KL. We had fantastic Satay with superb peanut sauce, courtesy of Yee Tieh's mum, with Ketupat too. Yummy bbq chicken wings etc. Albert was stuffed!
Woke up early for Sunday church, farewell lunch at church, at Korean Festival at Trafalgar Square. Dead tired when we reached home.
Albert knocked out at 8 30 pm. I learnt my Korean from drama and slept at 12 midnight.
Monday: i was merely a skeleton at work!
Budapest: Cafe Kor : roast goose liver, chestnut puree in rum


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  2. you two are crazy!!


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