Monday, 11 June 2007

Albert's Surprise Party

It's finally here, and it's gone now. With much hope and excitement last week, the day is finally here.Saturday Surprise Party went really well. Albert came home at 6 after work and found 2 guests in the kitchen. Not knowing anything, he thought i invited them for a casual dinner. Then, the door bell started ringing, and again, and again. Then, he finally got the idea. Everyone brought a dish, so that was good. We had a great time chatting and laughing. After dinner, more chatting. One of our friends brought his 2 year-old son, he is just so adorable , and smart too! Cheeky monkey i call him. He knows all the different colours, can speak lots of phrases. He provided lots of entertainment for us too.

The creative part worth remembering is that when we prepared the cake, i couldn't find any candles in my house! Oh dear, such a shame. In the end, i used the huge red candles which is喜喜. It looks creative, it looks great. Very memorable. We got the candles from a friend, Moody, who sent it by post all the way from Hong Kong when we got married last year. We havet yet to use it. So Saturday was a creative way of using those candles. When we took it out, Amy , one of the guest said it's from G.O.D. I looked at her puzzled. She said it's a G.O.D. design. I asked her :" You mean god? No, she said, G.O.D. is a shop that sells home furniture in Hong Kong, and its name is taken from the cantanese: G住O好D meaning literally means live better. For the first time, i looked at the labels and indeed it's G.O.D. orginal design.

That was Saturday. We drove two of our friends back so slept late. We could hardly wake up on Sunday Morning. Lots of determination to bid our farewell to the bed. Sunday School was great! Albert gave a small illustration on putting God first. He used grain of rice, a jar, and a ball. Grain of rice represent all the priorities in our lives and the ball represent God. So in lives, we have lots of priorities. In the first instance, we fit all our priorities first in life, with putting all the rice in the jar. Then, finally, we "fit" God in. But Alas, we couldn't close the jar, the ball was sitting on top of the rice.In the second instance, we first put God in, ie, the ball was in the jar, then we put the rice into the jar. Guess what? We could close the jar with the lid. Life is all about priorities.The order of priority is pivotal. Bible says you seek God and put Him first, you find life that last for eternity, you find guidance and wisdom, and once you've got God, everything else will fall into place. So if you wanna G住O好D meaning literally means live better, you need GOD and put Him first in your life.

We had Dim Sum with the young people in chinatown. We all had a great time too. The bonding among us is getting better, that's a good thing. The friendship is stronger. Sunday afternoon was spent being a tour guide. We brought Mdm Sze around China Town, Trafalgar Square, St James Park and Buckingham Palace.The weather was burning hot. I was her photographer. It's good to walk around the park and have a touch of the nature. Albert and I seldom go out, we like to stay at home, watch drama or sleep or tidy the house. Too lazy to go out there to smell the flowers and trees. So yesterday was a good exercise.

The highlight of this whole weekend was Sunday Night, we went to a famous chinese restaurant "Hakkasan". Its customers include people like Madonna, hong kong famous actress张曼玉Maggie Cheung.

Hakkasan received 2 michelin star in 2003, and it's 19th in world top 50 restaurant. We just happen to know the top chef in that restaurant. The design was great. Apparently, the owner spent 4 million pounds on the design, furniture, lighting, bar, etc.. The temperature was right. The music was audible, but not too loud and we could hold conversation without having to raise our voice.It feels like Kopitiam, but a porsh one.

Serving British customers, the restaurant is dark, with just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling on each table. Definitely not a typically chinese restaurant, well lited and you could clearly see what you are eating. Ha. The food was great. Our friend planned a 7 course meal for us, starting with Steamed Crab in eggs (not on the menu), Lemon duck, Lobster spinach soup with Nameko mushroom(japanese mushroom), Sa Cha Silver Cod, Hakkasan Spare Ribs( using preserved Pak choi), 3 types of Mushroom with Macademia Nut and Lily Bulb, and special wrap of beans and pork in glutinous rice( not on menu, specially made by the Dim Sum Si fu (meaning chef who specialise in Dim Sum). Two dishes which were not on the menu was specially planned by our chef friend. Albert and I enjoyed all of them, the best was Sa Cha Silver Cod, crispy on the outside, which was glazed in honey, and the meat was just so sweet and so tender. The chef controlled the timing very well. The fish was just cooked. Well, why am i surprised huh? He won lots of medal in cooking competition and of course, i am proud to be his fellow countrymen. It was really heaven.

Towards the end of our meal, our friend came to us and we express our gratitude. I asked him about the cod, he said he marinated the cod for a day with sa cha sauce and soy sauce. The meal was just so good. The bill wasn't cheap i have to say, but it's worth it. Much worth that the Savoy that i've been last Christmas, supposingly one of the branch restaurant by Gordom Ramsay. That was my worst eating experience which cost me an arm and a leg. So, yes, i recommend Hakkasan for good chinese meal and Dim Sum if you are willing to spend. Maybe one of those one off gourmet experience. Unfortunately, photo taking is not allowed in the restaurant. You can view it from the website, i tried copying the photo, but not allowed.

I had a great weekend, had a great wedding anniversay. Now i have to move on to my disastrous tidying and organising our junk in the store room.Cinderella gone back to...

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