Friday, 18 May 2007

on Waiting

I admit i am not a good writer. I regret my school days. I should have spent more time reading story books, or "Sweet Valley High" or " Enid Blyton", build up my english vocab. Then, i can express myself in words better, or move people with my writing.
Sometimes i read on my past writings and am amazed at the way i wrote on some subjects. Today i was skimming through my past e-mails and came across these few lines which i quite like:

you know, about the wait, it's never easy.. of waiting ..

the state of not able to take things in our hands and make it happen...

the impulse of wanting to make things happen ,

the knowing that nothing that i can do to shorten or lengthen the wait..

 it's all in God's hand...


Yes.. that's the hope we hold on to.. One day.. One day.. Jesus will return for his church.. He will return for me... and what will take place then will definitely worth the wait..
Yes.. that's what we hope for...

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