Wednesday, 30 May 2007

May Bank holiday Monday

May 28th was a holiday MOnday. So i stayed at home to clean the house, yeah, my new role , housekeeper. I must admit i am not very good at cleaning and tidying... butwe can't be doing everything that we like by nature all the time, there are some things you just have to do. So , after the first half of a day, i decided not to spend the rest of the day within the four walls. Albert and I went to Ikea. Not a very interesting place you may say, but we enjoyed it. The house need some facelift.
Something caught our eye, among those nice masked wood, and light builbs. Have you seen a pokka dot camel? or a blue giraffe? We were amused by it, so we decided to buy it. Our house need some imagination.

my hand posing the pokkadot camel
Also, some poppy, nice bright red, it's adhesive... very expensive , but we are paying for the design.

We were also looking at mirrors, but that, is really designer feel.The one in the picture, it's being sold per piece, for that piece of art there, it cost around £200. Talk about spending it on some design, instead of feeding the poor huh...we bought a £20 mirror in the end.. to decorate our corridor

That was our day out, when the weather was not-so-nice,, it has been raining day and night over here.. so an indoor ikea trip is not too bad.. well ... i am in London.. what can you say?

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  1. good photos. Ikea is an artistic place.


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