Monday, 2 April 2007

What many of us are lacking

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My colleague, Mr W is on this breakthrough leadership course. He shared with me today that he received feedback from the course director that he has the skills to become a leader. What he is lacking is direction. Another essential element is this :

His heart is not in the job. He is not passionate about what he does.

This is not new. Ever since i experienced this myself, i have been very observant. I asked people about what they do, and whether they enjoy doing what they do. Sadly, not many people have direction in their life, some people don't even realise they need one, while some are actively seeking , some are frustrated in this process, some managed to practice some patience.

As i shared with Yue siew over the weekend, the society is lacking of passionate people.I admire those people who stand firm for what they believe is right. The subject of their belief is another matter. It's the passion, the fire that is burning within them. That fire is contagious, you can't miss it. Why aren't there many around?I wonder what went wrong there. You just can't make someone passionate, like you make mix flour, eggs and you get a cake. It has to come from within. I somehow find that it's a process, not something that you become overnight. Just like you don't become very overweight overnight (which is a comfort, considering i went to afternoon tea with Siew on Saturday).

It's like you do something, or you have a certain interest, and you pursue it, and your love for it grows deeper, and you pursue it further, and your love deepens, and as you continue to feed your hunger for it, your passion grows.Then, you become the passion, or the passion becomes you. That means, you can no longer detach yourself from your passion. It's what that shapes you.

I would like to be someone who is passionate, who don't mind living and dying what i believe is right, and fight till the end.

Job is another thing... there is a big difference between doing a task because it needs to be done, and doing it because you really want to make things straight. I am not saying that there is a perfect job , where it will yield 100% satisfaction and 100% financial rewards. All i am saying is that there must be somebits of the job that feeds into our passion, and some bits that just needs to be done. If a job is all the latter, then i'm afraid it's time to move on.

Job aside, i am beginning to catch glimpse of my passion.

As you know, i have been teaching the teenagers in church every Sunday. I really enjoyed it. I go home with a smile every sunday, and i go to sleep being truly satisfied and happy. That is a confirmation of my calling and passion. The little glimpse of satisfaction and joy from teaching the teens keep me going , and it motivates me to even do it better. It becomes an addiction.

Yesterday, i tried an alternate method of teaching. We had fun ice-breaker games in the beginning and i wrote down all my lesson flow, pointers, questions, quizz on the powerpoint slide.

Albert has been very good at co-ordinating the games part. Yesterday we played "mummy" game, where we wrap two representative, a boy and a girl with two whole roll of toilet paper, with adhesive tape. After that, we gave them some simple task to do, like hugging someone or passing a ball. In the end, we ask them to break the free from the "wrapper".

I used that to illustrate how Sin cripple us from being the kind of loving (the wrapper makes them hard to hug someone), kind, selfless person that God wants us to be. We can't break the sin ourselves, we need something bigger than us, something external to help us.

I then use powerpoint presentation to go Genesis 3:1-20, verse by verse , explaining to them and linking them to the society that we live in with the truth that we learn from the bible.
They were at all ears and no one said a word. I was shocked! In the past weeks, where i wrote on the board , i found it hard to capture their full attention for 30 minutes. Yesterday was so different! They were following my chain of thoughts.

Just so satisfied. Lots of time and effort needed for preparation, but it never becomes a burden. I am addicted to it, and i am always looking forward to the following weeks, to want to do better, to share with them the great mystery in the bible, and to prepare them for the world, to infuse them with the same passion to be loving, hopeful and faithful even when the circumstances are not condusive, to hold on to Jesus and their faith in Him.

The comfort is, i have found a glimpse of my passion in appropriate places outside career. Since i am a child of God and a follower of Christ, i want to be a passionate one. Nothing in between. Lukewarm is not acceptable.

Now i need some direction ... and more passion.

p/s:The teens and other teachers are going for a Easter camp on 12-14th April. Yeah yeah

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