Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Nervous !

Right, i am telling you again, there are a lot of things going on in my life now.. and i really need to be cool about it, instead of becoming jittery about it.

That job vacany i talked about, they are due to advertise this week, and guess what? I will be flying to Hong Kong for two weeks next Monday. Which means... i will probably have to apply it online when i was meant to be having my annual holiday in Hong Kong. I am just so NOT ready for thi. I don't feel burderned.. This is SO NOT a holiday. My mum will be meeting me in HK from 4th to 10th of May, which means, i really have to crack on with my personal statement, my "take-me-becoz-i'm-worth" statements while i am in HK.

I was meant to have lunch with the current job holder, sort of catching up sort of thing, but she can't make it last minute. There goes my hope.

Then, the main reason of me being nervous is : I have been invited to give a sermon in a different church, to the English congregation on the 20th of May.Well it sounds far away, but it's not. I am flying on 30th April to HK and will on return to UK on 15th of May. This means, i will have to prepare my sermon while i am in HK TOO!!! I am just so so nervous. I am just so not ready. I have been praying very very hard for the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to give me the message that i can speak. I don't even know which text i am going to talk about. I was given the topic on "The Word of God".

Please say a prayer for me as you read this. I don't think i can really cope with my small fragile finite brain and mind. I have no clue how to write my statement for the job yet. I am just so busy and occupied this week, to be able to sit down and start writing on them. Plus i also have no clue what i will talk about for the Sermon.

AahhhhhhHHhhhhh!!! Should i run or should i make friends "that" dog?

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