Friday, 20 April 2007

My slow Friday Afternoon

Why is one hour feels like a blink when i'm watching "Grey's anatomy" whereas the same one hour feels like " a thousand blink" at work?

My Korean language proficiency exam is tomorrow, 9 am at Birkbeck College, Malet street. I am nervous. Nervous because i am greedy. I want to pass, and i want to pass as level 2 proficiency instead of level 1. The scoring is very interesting. If i get an average of 50 points from all 4 sessions: listening, reading, writing, and grammar, i will pass as Level 1. This puts a considerable challenge to me already. Average of 50 points, meaning i have to score about 50 for all of them. Then, if i am lucky, yeah, luck is the words, as it's multiple choice questions, and score above 70 for all, i will pass as Level 2.

Actually as i am writing this, it feels quite difficult. I better aim for something realistic.. alright, i will aim to pass this exam. That's the point. I am a bit worried for the writing part, as i seldom write a lot of korean , i read and listen more.

The irony also is that, i have been so busy with social entertainment this whole weekdays. It's seldom that occupied. Tuesday evening this week, i have to hang around because we have a training for GPs on information mastery, how to evaluate clinical trial papers and how to discern misleading reporting of trial results. That i ended up going home at 10 pm.

Wednesday, i went to Malaysian High Comb, made two friends from my country. Albert and I went there to register our marriage, so we are husband and wife to Malaysian government. While i was there, this kind lady told me i could add my new surname to my passport. So i am also known as Ngan Cheau Lin. The sambal at Msian High Com by this malay guy is super good. A bit expensive but it's super good. I bought it, £3, in those transparent lunchbox. Albert liked it too. I told him it's really authentic. We had teh tarik for lunch too. Hang around and collected my passport only at 4pm. Whole day gone, just sorting out things like this. It's even worst in KL! So not complaining.

Thursday night, went out dinner, have to because i promised Albert long time ago. Albert's mandarin class from SOAS had a gathering with the teacher last night. The food was good and cheap, the i met his classmates, all females, all from hong kong, half of them age 50 and over, but none of them look their age! It must be the hong kong genes!! So jealous. It was such a good laugh, modern auntie i call them, totally hilarious.

Tonight, i have to attend my friend's birthday part. Notice, i used the word "have". I would rather stay at home and practise my last minute dot come fashion, but unfortunately, she asked me to keep tonight free since last week. She is such a nice friend that i feel bad to say no.

So pray for me. I still have this tiny hope that i will pass. Ha.

Irene Tan
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  1. irene, nowadays we can get our passport in two hours time already....not like the past old days....hehe


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