Thursday, 26 April 2007

More Spice

Well well guess what? The closing date for that job is 10th of May, and the interview is on 21st of May. How exciting..I am preaching on the 20th of May , and i am going for an interview on 21st of May. Oh wow.. i am loving every minute that i am spending with "that" panic dog over there!!!

We had a leaving do for one of our colleague yesterday. She is returning to her home country, Perth with her fiance, after 5 years of service in the NHS. My colleague, Ms A told me that she started as a PA, and now she is a Practice Based Commissioning Manager, which means she makes sure the Gps comply to their contract. She has done well, so i told Ms. A

"There is hope for me then..,but unfortunately, i don't have much history with the world" i said

When i said that, i meant i am quite young and inexperience compared to the team where the job is being advertised. Albert said if i get it, it will be a bonus, if i don't , fine.

Well, promotion aside, the leaving do was in a pub called "Narrow Boat" , next to a canal in Islington.

So, Ms. A bought me a drink. I warned her i am not a drinker. Alright then, we went for something mild. "Pimms" I don't quite like the name really, reminds me of "pimps". It was 6 30 pm when we had the drink. I had an empty stomach. I already warned Ms A that i go red very quickly. I had 3 sips.My heartbeat increased. I told A about it, she said i was exaggerating.

I took few more sips. My heart was racing, i was having rash on my arms. I showed Ms. A " No way..." I placed her fingers on the pulse on my neck, and she said.. alright... that's enough. No more "Pimms". She finished the rest for me.

I was the only oriental there. So i said, it's my genes and my enzymes. My  heart was racing, my head was throbbing. The rest of the evening was spent chatting with another colleague of mine, about those big comfy sofas where you can lie down, about how interesting my life is now, with Korean, Jazz piano ( which i have stopped these few months due to the overwhelming of my schedule), about my Sunday School, Distance Learning Theology... lots on my plate. Her "thing" is running. I told her my "thing" is discovery through reading/studying. I feel alive when learn new things and discover new things.

Half an hour later, i can't feel my heart beart, meaning it's not racing. I resumed to normal. Left that place about 8 pm. Went home, watched my last episode of "Gray's Anatomy" of the 3rd season. My favourite drama. Not a geek, i'm proud to say.

Aiks.. still haven't forgotten about my job application. I really need to work on it tonight... want to get it out of the way ASAP... What a spicy moment!

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