Monday, 23 April 2007

The Joy of Exam

Not sure i have told you this, i love exam. I was jumping and dancing in my house after my Korean exam on Saturday. I have made a friend too, from the Korean language proficieny exam.

Now, without the exam, i felt a bit too "light" today. Still getting used to not havint to memorise korean vocab and carrying korean textbook in my bag, reading and writing korean words in the bus, on the way and back from work...

I like exams. I like the joy that i get after exam. Although the relief is not always as great, as it depends on the level of difficulty that i find with exam, nevertheless, exams give me reasons to celebrate.

I attended my friend's birthday Friday night, arrived that place aroun 10 pm, as Albert finished work at 9 pm. It was at Kam Fung restaurant in Holborn. The fond memory i have with that place is i once was veyr much looking forward to eating hainanese chicken rice with seow yan after staying over at her place. We left the place around 12 midnight.I was so full! Felt guilty for sleeping straight after the meal,so i continued with my korena language revision and slept at 2 am.

Woke up the next morning around half 7, took the tube to Birkbeck College, Russel Square for the exam. I am quite lame actually. I know there is one part of writing where i have to write 150-300 words of composition. Last year the theme was on travel. So i was aiming that this year the topic will be on hobbies. So i memorised a paragraph on hobbies, on stamps collecting. Ha... Unexpectedly, the topic of the composition was on present, asking what kind of present would you like to receive and why. So i modified my memorised paragraphs of stamp collecting and wrote that i would like to receive a stamp album for present. Ha ha . It was purely regurgitating what i memorised.

I made a new friend. A young British man from Cambridge, who happens to eb a christian and he is getting married to a Korean woman on 19th of May in Korea. How sweet.

I felt really happy after the exam. I went home to catch up on my sleep and went over to a church's friend's place for dinner. Lots of good food, homemade plum sauce duck, steamed chicken in lotus leaves, prawns in chili padi and garlice, steamed fish. Albert and I brougth a French white wine and another Korean wine made of 12 herbs. All of them love it. Both wine was good.

It was a brother's birthday, so we had cake and photo. Albert, being cheeky, acting as if he was going to kiss our friend.

What a great day !

Irene Tan
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