Wednesday, 4 April 2007

All i could remember were the lavatory

Having a good time, tea and cakes and great friends
then, once i am in Lavatory, i never came out!

Yue siew, Kang Hui and I went for an afternoon tea in one of the porsh, classy place call The Sketch, Art Gallery. The pastries were delicate and the taste was balanced, not too sweet, not tasteless. Each mouthful of the pastries was actually a good combination of several ingredients, for example the chocolate tart was not just chocolate, there was rum in it. Well i mentioned the word "Balance", i am going to say something on the "areas of improvement". The layout was very arty and very "cozy", but we were sitting on these couch and the table was so low that it wasn't comfortable at all. I have to hunch to eat my pastries. We had cucumber sandwich, which is a typical British sandwich. Siew told me that's what they have in Jane Austen time.

Speaking of pastries, i onced said pessaries, instead of pastries . That happened when i told my colleague that there are some "pessaries" in the kitchen, which was actually pastries for tea! Yeah, all i could think of is drugs and pessaries.

Pastries and Pessaries aside, the highlight of the afternoon tea was the lavatory. Yes, no kidding. Take a look at the photos and you will understand what i mean :

Cool right? Albert said i paid so much to have my afternoon tea, and all i could remember was the toilets, not the food. Is that sad or is that sad? No, at least, i get to see the beauty of the creativity of my fellow mate. I felt like it have been taken out of the humdrum sameness and transported into a sci-fi world. Boy was i glad to see that someone actually bother to spend their time and effort on the most important basic human excretory functions. You know what i mean, you walk into a beautiful nicely decorated restaurant and you are completely turn off after you visited the lavatory. Yes it is important!

So lesson of the day, every single details are important because details made up big things. Ugly details give you ugly things. Well, you get the point. Errors occur mostly when people ignore details. For an accountant, a zero less will make a big difference. For pharmacist, 62.5 mg of digoxin, instead of 62.5 mcg, can kill a patient..

Now did i add an extra dot on my last sentence or not?

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