Thursday, 1 March 2007

Working life -1 : Lead and followers

My colleague, used to be same position , title as i , took on a new role last year with no increment in salary. It's the extra pharmacy role. As a result, her title changed to deputy and lead for pharmacy. The previous job holder used to be a part-timer.

Well i got annoyed because she took on all this new job, but we( the whole team) shares all her workload! We run around helping her doing her job. Pharmacy contract visits, organising health promotion projects, attending evening traning events. I am not happy. I will definitely speak to my manager about this. This is not right. It's a matter of principle. My job description says my main responsibilities are to the GPs , not the pharmacist. Just because someone in my team, decided to take on more job for her personal career development, doesn't mean that she can just dump the job to all of us. I tried to say it in a very subtle way that do all three advisors have to attend all the pharmacy evening training events ( from 7 pm to 9 30 pm). She said it will be good for us to attend so that we can help to answer queries as we can't expect her to be there all the time.

Before she was in the post, i could still remember how annoyed she was when she received phone calls from pharmacist. In fact, she called the receptionist downstairs that they shouldn't direct the call, since she is not in charge of the pharmacy. Now that she is in post, how can she expect us to share her workload? She got more pay than any of us. When she said yes to having more work coming her way without any further increment of salary, did she not know that she will be pressed for time?

All in all, i just think it's very unfair that someone gets the title, gets the credit, while the rest of us help out with her workload. It just puzzles me how the previous post holder could do it all by herself, but now, all the work has to be supported by 5 people in total.

I can understand that this is learning for us, but we should not be obliged to attend evening traning meetings. Just because she doesn't have a life outside work, doesn't mean that we don't. She is the lead in pharmacy not me. That was not the case when i interviewed for this job! At least, if we are asked to do any task that is related to pharmacy, it is a favour, not that we have to do it!

Argh. Geram.! Trust me, i will request that i am not going to attend those pharmacy training events. I will speak to my manager about this in my one to one session.

Well thankfully, so far i haven't been to many of those as they have it onThursday, the same day i have my Korean lessons.

Apparently, that is always the case. More motivation to climb up the ladder huh? You are the overall responsible person, and the followers do all the job, running around and the person above gets the credit.

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