Monday, 5 March 2007

Why am i a woman?

Previous weekend was super tiring. Was working whole of Saturday in a local chemist. Eventhough i am a pharmacist, there's a lot of things that i do that doesn't require a pharmacist. I put away the stock, placing boxes after boxes of medication on the shelf. I printed labels, stick them on the box and bag them for patient to collect later. I worked as a cashier when the counter girls were busy. I checked the dosette boxes, counted them, made sure that each box contained the right medicine.

After 5 , i went home and i had to cook. I had to deskin all the chicken thighs, chopped the garlic, wash the veges, wash the rice and cook them, marinate the chicken for half an hour before cooking them.

That's not the end of the story. After all these efforts, my husband didn't like the taste of my ginger/soy sauce chicken. It tasted weird on his taste buds. He didn't eat much because it wasn't that palatable to him.

I also had to clean and wash the cooking utensils. Keep it tidy. My husband made a comment when i placed the carrots on a bowl with other snacks on the table. The carrots were on the kitchen cabinet next to where i placed my chopping board. I told him that i took it away because i had to deskin the chicken. I assured him that the carrots had no contact with the meat at all.

After justifying myself, i shouted " Enough"! and went upstairs.

Why am i a woman? Why do i have to cook , when my husband can have a nap ? Why do i have to work full time AND do housework? Why do i get told off for taking my own sweet time tidying my study room? (My Room, my meess!)

Why do i get told off when i place my socks in my shoes instead of placing them into laundry bag?

Why do i have to give birth? Why do i have to suffer menstrual pain every month? Why do i tear so easily? Why did God create human?

Why am i here? Why is living on earth so painful? Why do i have to work? Why do we have money system? What is wrong with barter system?

Why do people fall in love? Why do people get married? Why do people have kids?

No answers just lots of Whys.

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  1. My friend, I can totally emphatise. Granted, I'm not married and I don't know how it feels to be married. BUT I constantly ask myself WHY?

    Why do we love someone and let them hurt us so easily? Why do I work everyday? Why do some people think they are better than others? Why do some people have so much money they can buy 4 cars but others have trouble surviving?

    Why? Why? Why?

    I don't really expect any answers.


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