Thursday, 15 March 2007


Thirteen Things i can't live without

1. love - i believe God is love -can't live without it, and i don't deny that i need lots and lots of love -
2. Husband- my best friend, my comforter, he is the one who gives me the adrenaline rush when he gets on my nerve and that's a good sign that i am alive ! ha - all i can say is absense makes the heart grow fonder.. and i have to factor in the fact that i am aging
4. Friends- i am a people person, and i enjoy the company of having great friends around me
5. dessert- i have sweet tooth, when i was younger, my mum bakes a lot, there was once she baked egg tarts, and i ate 10 of them all in one go, when she took them out hot and fresh from the oven, when she baked that Chiffon cake, half of them gone... after she took it out from the oven. that's how i got my "substance" (weight) during school days
6. good food- i live for food... what is better that your taste buds being stimulated and dancing in bliss when tasty food reaches them
7. hot water- having lived in uk for a couple of years, i can't take my shower without hot water, even when i am in a hot tropical climate like malaysia or hong kong, i still shower in hot water
8. hugs- i think it's such a great thing , so much comfort and such a great expression of joy
9. tears- the only way out when i am sad
10. glasses- for obvious reason , won't be able to see things clearly
11. air plane - this applies to me more when i am away from my family and my roots
12. IT- not irene tan, information tehcnology, can't live without internet, world wide web, e-mails... i will be seriously depressed without e-mails
13. phone- i chat and chat for hours, i just need to be connected

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  1. Oh, I so need my friends, and my computer out reach to the world, and food, oh the glorious food! None of which I'd be able to see without my glasses......

  2. Grat list. I don't think I could live without most of those things either.
    Happy TT. :-)


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