Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Random things

> Albert finally ahd his first follow-up eye test which was meant to be the next 24 hours. His vision is 20/20. So, that's good news. It still takes time for complete healing as he now can see things faraway clearly, but not those that is right under his nose.

>Attended our 10 weeks- course on preaching at church yesterday, the subject was on communication. Preaching is communicating to the audience, not only when one is at the pulpit, more importantly, it's his/her whole life. Pastor made a very interesting statement on communication, on insensitivity:

"it happens when one is communicating  to others with his/her heart, but the listener responded with his/her head"

To illustrate this, he said , one day, the wife came home and said she is dead tired. The husband reponded : " you want to die, i'll give you a knife" We all laughed.

That was an extreme example but there is truth in it.The listeners are just so tempted to give solution, where most of the time, the speaker just wanted some empathy from the listener.

> Started watching "Grey's Anatomy"  about few interns Surgeon in a hospital, how they are being "tortured". Meredith, the main charater in the series had the opportunity to help in a neuro surgery. She came out saying " that was such a high, i don't understand why people take drug". She was captured by the intricate and wonder of human brain.

> It's been such a long time since i had supper ! Went home after the class and decided to have instand noodles, with eggs. I don't understand why people do not have eggs in their instant noodles soup. Makes such a big difference. I had Korean noodles at 11 30pm. Felt guilty for going to bed straight, so watched Grey's anatomy till 1 am.

>Such a luxury to be able to wake up at 8 30am, and leave the house at 9 pm to work.

> I don't understand why british woman love heels. I wore heels to work today to try out my new shoe. Eventhough i have placed an insole in there, i am still not comfortable.I could feel the increased pressure in my forefoot. After having so many flat shoes, i just decided to go for a change. Just that some changes take time, and some changes are not neccessary.

> Sometimes i take comfort in knowing that my brain collects more information that i expected. It's just that they have been archived; doesn't mean that they are not there! Ha!

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