Friday, 23 March 2007

Pharmacist corner

I have this thought. I am a pharmacist, and i love drugs. Well to be really honest, i did enjoy my uni days studying about those tablets. It's amazing, how a tablet, after you have swallowed it, travelled in your body, does the job, goes to the liver for first-pass metabolism, or kidney, get "de-tox", then get excreted. It's amazing.. studying how by adding an extra OH bond can change the property of the drug. Some pass the brain, some doesn't. Some excreted from breast-milk, some doesn't. Some excreted via kidney, hence may not be suitable for those with kidney failure.

Interesting isn't? I did enjoy drugs. It's just unfortunate that pharmacist are the "in-between" people. When you are sick, your first call are doctor. When you are in hospital, lying on the bed, your first call are nurses. Pharmacist are like films director. When you watch a movie, you see the actress, actors, sound effects graphic etc.. but you don't see the film director. But they are the most important people in the background making sure everything is fine. So that's how pharmacist are. We make sure patient is S.A.F.E.  Our voice is unheard of, our effort unseen. You only hear about us when there is trouble-shooting. When things go wrong, doctors come to us, nurses come to us. When patient suffer from certain side-effects, they come to us and ask us how common is it, what's the prevalence, is it dependent on dose.

That is the essence of my frustration. We know so much, but people archived us. Yes, A.R.C.H.I.V.E., you heard it.

So , from now on, i am going to have a pharmacist corner in my blog. When i die, this blog will remain. My brain will be gone, but my brain will stay here. I don't want to keep my expertise to myself, i want to dissect what i know and let others benefit from it.

Today is the day. E-mail me any questions about drugs, medication, your uncle's medication, side-effects, whatever.. i'll answer them.

Today is the day, the birth of Pharmacist Corner in irenetan[DOT] blogspot [DOT]  com.

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