Wednesday, 14 March 2007

My obsession with condensed milk

Yue siew has kindly passed me the goodies from my mum. A bag of local Kopitiam-type coffee beans was one of them. Since then, images of condensed milk have been floating in my grey matter. In the end, i finally got round to buying one. Albert smartly suggested i should go for the condensed milk in a tube. Seen it before?Super convenient.My mum or dad used to open with a can opener, than pour it into a container and each time we spoon it from the container, we have to wipe it clean. So mar fan! I brought it to work today , and enjoyed one cup of coffee in the morning and one cup of tea in the afterrnoon with my Nestle, condensed milk plus UK semi-skimmed cow's milk. Yes, i am sad, i am deprived , and yes i take joy in a simple thing like coffee with condensed milk. Blame it all on London! This is what London did to me ! ha!

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