Monday, 19 March 2007


I am moody.. today i am moody.. i have a friend by the name of moody.

i am dead sleepy... Maybe it's monday, maybe it's weekend, maybe it's me, maybe it's the lack of sleep , maybe it's the karaoke and wine that we had last night... maybe it's me still burying my head in the agony of my career crisis

i am not fine, i know that... i am a bit disappointed that it didn't snow this morning.. as predicted by the weather forecast.. to wake up with a scene of everything covered with snow may make me feel better... to me, the tragic of my life is having to drag myself to work, and yes, i have been looking.. but can't find any health care related job that is within my capability at this stage which pays more.. yes i am "constipated, a.k.a. s.t.u.c.k." enough of job ... just can't go on moaning about it day in day out.. God help me !

Let's talk about something sweet... the teens in church were pleased yesterday when we played the egg game. They like this boys vs girls thing. So they split themselves into respective group, according to their gender. Each group was given 10 straws and an egg. The aim is to prevent the egg from breaking when it's thrown from the air. The girls' carefully wrap all the straws around the egg, using lots of selotape. The guys had a bit of disagreement but eventually they made it. When i looked at the egg, i thought the girls would win as it was carefully wrapped around the egg, quite thorough, while the straws that the boys used were just about to cover the egg. When we threw the egg from the air the first time, both didn't break. However, when we ran the litmus test the second time, the boys won. It was a good game, all of us enjoyed it.

At night, we attended Sammie's birthday party. She had it in a restaurant in china town with karaoke. Everyone sang, except Albert. I only sang two songs, those old old classic songs like Lemon tree and chee by Faye wong. We sang from 4 - 9 pm.. i mean everyone else. Albert, me , Angus chat over two bottle of wine. One from Spain and the other from France. I prefer the more fruity from Spain, while angus prefer dry wine. Angus just proposed to Rachel.. so there he was , chatting about the science behind the rock: diamond... the physcis behind it, the light scattering etc.. talked about how to see the sugar content of wine by looking at the wine glass.. etc.. We reached home at 10 pm, yet were reluctant to sleep. We watch Grey's anatomy and slept at 1 am.

Sometimes i wonder, maybe both Albert and I are not that satisfied with our jobs, hence watching comedy become our "ecstacy" happy pill. No matter how tired we are, we still watch 45mins to an hour , have a laugh, and then sleep.

I choose not to think i have a sad life.


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  1. aiya, I thought poverty, violence and lost...making people sad, not karaok.

    One of my colleagues told me that she was touched by a charity video 'Common Relief' and it changed her life to a degree.

    We probably need to open our eyes wider and wider to see more of world and realize that we are living a HAPPY life.


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