Thursday, 22 March 2007

Managers- The voice

Following my previous episode on the enteral nutrition project and the lead dietitician, i discussed with Albert last night. Yes, i am obsessed with work.

Taking on his advice, i decided to pen down my conversation with the lead dietitician in e-mail, to cover my back, to make it clear to all that i am not the one who is unable to work against deadline. So i e-mailed her and cc-ed my manager into it. One thing i learnt is this politics about who you cc in work e-mails. I wanted to cc her manager and our service director in my e-mail, but i didn't. I thought there's no need for all this. However, she replied me, ccing her manager, and our service director into it. She implied that it's not going to be of any good for me to draft a guideline as it requires dietitican expertise. She echoed my sense of urgency and said she would allocate the resouces was and when available.

Fine. I just need it in writing that she is unable to meet the deadline due to capacity issue on her part, not mine.

Few hours later,towards the end of the day, i received a reply from her manager. She expressed her concern that a great deal of pressure has been put on her on this project. She said that the lead dietitician has a department to run. She assured us that she will do it, just need a bit of time.

It all sound very polite in e-mails. That's the limitation of e-mails. I moaned and groaned a lot after receiving those e-mails. What? i put pressure on her? I told her since February? When will capacity not be an issue?

Boy, i envy her. She has a manager who speaks for her. Isn't that what manager should be? My manager seldom speak for us.lnstead, he turns to us and ask us what we should do. He's nice and soft yes, but a manager needs to know when to speak up and negotiatie .. whatever.. *Hmmpph* My manager stayed silent all these while, with all those flurry of e-mails.

Just discovered one more quality that a manager should have today

A voice

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