Friday, 16 March 2007

Managers and vision

Following on the previous episode on my request of reduced hours to develop my clinical skills and my foolishness to be transparent with my manager of my reduced hours, my manager's way of handling my request has shed further light on my perception of the qualities that a manager should have.

My manager narrowed my issue into a personal issue: me applying for reduced hours, working for another PCT, saving money for another PCT. There is a bigger picture to it: Raising the pharmacist's profile, ie our team in the organisation, to the service directors. I am a bit disappointed that it has not been communicated to the directors in such a way.

Qualities of a manager by Timothy Barry :

".... as having a vision of where to go and the ability to articulate it. Visionaries thrive on change and being able to draw new boundaries. It was once said that a leader is someone who "lifts us up, gives us a reason for being and gives the vision and spirit to change." Visionary leaders enable people to feel they have a real stake in the project. They empower people to experience the vision on their own. According to Bennis "They offer people opportunities to create their own vision, to explore what the vision will mean to their jobs and lives, and to envision their future as part of the vision for the organisation." (Bennis, 1997)

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